UNICEF’s role in prosecution of non vaccinating parents

Dear Sir / Madam, (To the UNICEF reps in Nigeria)

I am most concerned about Officials in Nigeria’s northern Kano state insisting that parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated against polio may be prosecuted and could face jail time.

(And that 131 children were vaccinated at gunpoint in Nsanje, Africa

The reason I am contacting you is that this government order issued this week comes as UNICEF had been pressuring Nigeria’s northern states to promote the polio Vaccination.

I was at the GAVI conference where a journalist asked about compensation and the question was avoided.  However, I am concerned that ‘promoters’ of health and vaccines would still want informed choice and a damage payment scheme, especially as many thousands of cases of paralytic Polio are vaccine induced.   If health prevention is forced surely it means ethically that you need to have a good safety surveillance in place, treatment and compensation, like we attempt to do in the West.

Polio can harm but so too can the vaccine…There are many cases of vaccine injury but here is a rare case of compensation


Further concern is that immunosuppressed individuals should not take the live Oral Polio Vaccine, including people with AIDS, HIV infection, other immunodeficiency diseases. Please see the vaccine insert from the manufacturer for contraindications.  Therefore, I wonder how babies are being tested for HIV and AIDs before being vaccinated with Polio.

My questions therefore are:

Do you support forced vaccination with threat of jail or at gunpoint?  If this is happening how will you respond?

How are vaccines delivered safely in response to the manufacturers own recommendations which are not to vaccinate those with infection?

How will vaccine damage monitored and be compensated?

I look forward to your considered reply,

Many Thanks

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