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OFCOM complaint re ITV Tonight Programme 12th April

The way that non vaccinating parents were wrongly accused made the viewer believe that child death from disease (in this case a baby from whooping cough) was because of non vaccinated children.

Friends and relatives, and the wider community, will judge non vaccinating parents and their children. The topic is emotive already (a mother on line shared that she was spat at after a mother & toddler group because she does not vaccinate) but this accusation needs retracting by the program makers as already on line some parents have been incited to be aggressive towards others.

Clearly the presenter lead the question to the parents of the baby who died, and did not have the facts to back up the allegation which are..

1. 95% of UK children are fully vaccinated which is the level required as set down by the WHO for herd immunity

2. This vaccine is not effective, ‘lasting’ for around 3 years, and so the Dept of Health is considering an extra booster

3. Whooping cough appears in the vaccinated

4. If a mother has had whooping cough then her baby is less likely to contract whooping cough at such young age (before the vaccines at 4 months) and if she breastfeeds the risks of complications from whooping cough (and Hib) are reduced

One baby a year tragically dies from whooping cough each year but the show’s omission to say this would imply that these deaths are more widespread. They misrepresented the risk of disease and were scaremongering.

I will keep you updated on this compliant.  Meanwhile I have included more detail below.

Whooping cough goes in cycles – please look at the HPA website to see that we are not experiencing unusually high cases of whooping cough during this generation. As for vaccination coverage, 95% of UK parents use this vaccine so the WHO level for ‘herd immunity’ has been reached. So why are babies still getting whooping cough and why does a baby die from whooping cough every year here?

This vaccine is the least effective, the UK gov is planning on bringing in another booster, as the number of cases of whooping cough has risen in the older age groups as it is thought that the effects of the vaccine ‘wear off’.

Whooping cough often goes undiagnosed as parent and GP thinks that the persistent cough can’t be whooping cough. This means that contagious children are going to school with whooping cough and spreading the bacteria around. Non vaccinated parents are more likely to be aware of disease symptoms and not take their children out if they are suspected of having whooping cough.

Why are babies getting whooping so young? Naturally the mother would confer natural immunity for the early months if she had had whooping cough, and if she was breast feeding would see a baby through any respiratory infection without complication. Well less mothers are able to pass on that immunity and less are breastfeeding their babies.

Why are the authorities and the media implying that non vaccinating parents are to blame for the increase then? It doesn’t seem logical that if most ARE vaccinating how can the non vaccinated be blamed. Why isn’t the Q. asked about this vaccine efficacy? And why aren’t the authorities asking us to be vigilant and informed about our children’s cough before mixing with tiny babies and why aren’t parents told more about the benefits of lower infections and hospitalisation when a baby is exclusively breastfed?

If you don’t have time to research vaccines then please accept that there are 2 sides and the government will only tell you one side of a story. Did you know for example, that formaldehyde is added to vaccines in the attempt to make the animal DNA, animal protein and virus inactive. That the placebo in vaccine safety trials are always OTHER VACCINES, it is never benign. That there is not a control group and that the health outcomes for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have never been officially compared.

Samson & Goliath

Nicola Adolphe, Arnica member and researcher, had 45 minutes with Stephen O’Brien, International Development Minister in December. She was presenting data from the The Spirit Level which looked at breast feeding, water & sanitation, and nutrition having far greater outcomes than vaccines in all countries.  Dr Jayne Donegan was her partner.  The fact that this meeting even took place is an amazing start, thanks to Nicola and her MP Oliver Letwin.

The GAVI message of 5 million lives saved was embedded into the political mantra and as Comic Relief is now supporting GAVI I guess we have our work cut out!

The main item to follow up is that Oliver Letwin MP said that the WHO should monitor and compare the vaccinated countries and the unvaccinated, with the variable of breastfeeding uptake.   Unicef states on their site that Exclusive Breastfeeding is the single most effective intervention for preventing child deaths under a year.  And I much rather see a breast feeding mother poster any day, compared to a starving child with a needle in their arm.

The girls asked that the outcomes should not just be linked to ‘numbers’ of vaccines given but on health outcomes overall.  There was some stuttering but yes health outcomes were of course important.  As with any pledge I wonder if the ‘agreement’ has a ‘change of mind’ clause, just in case the health outcomes were not improved.  But it seems that monitoring this money and the safety of delivering millions of doses of vaccines is not a concern to Mr O’Brien.

The Minister wanted to leave all policy to the WHO and responsibility to GAVI, but considering that many GAVI board members have financial interests in the manufacture of vaccines and the WHO has missed some vital safety issues in the past, we shouldn’t be complacent.  It was admitted in the meeting that there is no evidence that live vaccines are safe for Aids sufferers (indeed the manufacturers advise against giving live vaccines to HIV and Aids patients).   The WHO sanctions this practice based only upon one study looking at HIV sufferers, not Aids.  A UK government aide offered that there also was no evidence of harm…. mmm, we will send them the Merck manual which states

“Immunocompromised patients should not receive live-virus vaccines, which could provoke severe or fatal infections.”

Anyway, thank you to all who wrote letters to your MPs, we will keep you in touch with the next phase.

Water will still be hot on the agenda as water is officially THE most effective intervention in the world say the HPA, yet just a few percent of Aid goes to water programs and this has dropped over the years.  Something just does not add up.

p.s.  I don’t suppose these news items will ring any bells for any one…
New neurological ‘Nodding Syndrome‘ in S Sudan – the CDC are looking into malnutrition as a possible cause.  I guess they will not look at the Polio vaccination as a possible cause?  6 million children were vaccinated in 2010 after mass drive, many of whom had several doses.  Malnutrition will be indicated of course but not to investigate a live vaccine, when neurological ADRs are the most reported serious ADR with vaccines, is a glaring omission.

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