GAVI – UK pledges £800 million ringed for vaccine aid

One minute I am outside with banners, protesting,
the next in the Press Conference.

I directed my question to the board chair of GAVI Dagfinn Hoybraten

“You have raised an extra 0.6 billion dollars today, would you consider setting up water & sanitation projects to increase health outcomes”

“NO” was the blunt answer, “we are only purchasing vaccines”.

Thankfully Sally Beck was there and asked the key question.

“The US and the UK have vaccine damage payment funds,
what will you have for the Developing World?”

“Vaccines are safe and magic” was the general reply.  There was Psychosis over the whole panel at that point.  Andrew Mitchell needs educating.

A Reuters reporter asked “How can you assure us that this is not just another way of lining the pockets of the Pharmaceutical companies?”

CBS chose the same angle…

Daniel Berman, a vaccines expert at Doctors Without Borders, said it was exciting so much money had been pledged towards saving lives. But he questioned whether the millions of taxpayer dollars would be spent properly.

“Why are we lining the pockets of big pharma like this?” Berman asked.
“That just screams conflict of interest and corporate welfare to us.”

A 2009 study published in the journal “The Lancet” showed dozens of developing countries exaggerated figures on vaccination rates, allowing them to get more money from the alliance. Researchers said these countries immunized half as many children as they claimed.

Other experts warned that donating vaccines to countries with broken health systems might mean they just end up sitting in warehouses.  “We need to be mindful of the fact that investment in vaccines is not the magic answer to global health issues such as pneumonia and diarrhea,” said Sophie Harman, a public health expert at City University in London. “Without proper funding commitments to health infrastructure…any investment in vaccines will be redundant.”

Shame the UK press did not do their investigating.  They mostly questioned if £800,000,000 for vaccine aid was fair to the UK people at a time like this, rather than questioning the whole concept.  If they want ‘value for money’ then it will be up to us to give them the data…

Working on that!

Herbal Holocaust

It is crazy that millions are spent on promoting & protecting drugs that can harm (adverse reactions are the 5th leading cause of death in Europe) but herbal preparations and supplements that have been used for years are to be even more restricted.

Chinese & Adeveyic medicines are worse hit, with none passed so far.  The UK has passed 100 products but Adam Smith, from the Alliance for Natural Health, describes these products as pharmaceutical versions, many of which a respectful health food store will not stock.

I predict a rise in the use of herbal tea, allotments full of calendular & herbalists running preparation courses.
See the Alliance for Natural Health for new details

Experts Recommend Delaying Breastfeeding Until Vaccinations Have Taken Effect

Read Christina England’s coverage of this ‘research’ and the comments beneath on the Vaccine Truth Website

My comments

The health risks of not breast feeding, especially in the developing world, are greater than any perceived risk from a vaccine not working effectively. In the states just 20 children a year die from rota virus. Breast feeding during rota virus reduces mortality by ten times!  Wouldn’t supporting breast feeding be more effective than the rota virus vaccine?

Stopping breast feeding goes against the WHO advise to breast feed exclusively for up to a year and beyond. A lack of breastfeeding can lead to malnutrition in infants and children. Possible reasons for the lack in the developing world may be that the average family thinks bottle feeding is better. The World Health Organization cites malnutrition as the gravest single threat to the world’s public health.

In the developed world especially, formula feeding compromises health due to poor water to mix the formula, amount of formula being reduced in a bottle due to finances, bacteria like salmonella introduced as water needs to be boiled at 70 degrees, etc.

The IGa in the breastmilk coats the porous stomach and seals it, just one bottle of formula strips this coating off leaving the stomach open, closing again would take 2 weeks of exclusive breast feeding. If a women delays breastfeeding by a day even the milk supply would reduce and she would need to cluster feed or pump to increase the supply again.

It takes many weeks for the baby’s gut to close up and to develop the ability to shut out allergenic proteins. If given formula in the early weeks, this closing up is delayed and the risk of allergies and illness increases. The type of bacteria in the gut becomes less protective. In other words, Baby is more at risk for illness.

Just one bottle of formula – given for any reason – can sensitize babies who may be allergic to cow’s milk protein or soy protein. This is especially important to know if you have allergies in your family. Some studies have indicated that giving cow’s milk formulas early may also increase the risk of some children for developing insulin dependent diabetes.……

Fermentation – the healthy & cheaper way to a healthy gut

  • I am noticing that when mums describe themselves as parents, fermentation is used alongside other natural health interests…..
  • Cultured veggies are already partially digested, so they’re easy on the system. Not only are they readily absorbed by your body, they enhance your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients from the other things you eat at the same time.
  • They help to balance the pH of your digestive tract.
  • They offset the toxic and carcinogenic effects of the charcoal from BBQ.
  • They are naturally packed with digestive enzymes and probiotics, which support the health of your digestive system.
  • They help to heal the lining of your intestines by promoting the growth of healthy flora.
  • They promote a healthy and strong immune system.
  • And last but certainly not least, they help reduce sugar cravings.

Click here for a home made recipe from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions

For the serious and time rich person but certainly cheaper than commercial probiotics.

Comments welcome as fermentation and comparing home-made to capsule is new to me

Nutrition in Hospitals

I belong to a Nutritional steering group as part of the local LINk (soon to renamed Health Watch).  We were welcomed into our local hospital to taste the food, ask questions, and were impressed by an excellent presentation from head dietition, and the editor of the RSPH handbook, Eating for Health in Care Homes.

The idea is that we build up relationships with local providers and then link them with the views and experiences of local users.  The aim is to improve local health and social care.  Sounds great in theory but how will stretched NHS professionals view the aims and potential changes from of a bunch of lay people tasting the sticky toffee pudding?

Happy to say, good so far…

From the questions we raised a few have been answered with a month.  We questioned artificial sweeteners in the squash products on the children’s ward.   “A sugar alternative is being investigated” we were informed.  And then we wondered how risk of de-hydration is monitored?  700 red lids for the water jugs have been since been sourced for the at-risk patients!

This may be progress – I will let you know the final outcomes and also to our questions on the use and safety of GM food, providing un caffeinated drinks  and the lack of protein at breakfast.   Already an interesting divide between dietitians and nutritionists has appeared.  My knowledge is from nutritionists and the Arnica Network.  I thought it was common knowledge that there were questions over the safety of GM foods, that caffeine reduced nutritional absorption and that protein was needed at every meal to stabilize the blood sugar levels.  However, the dietitians in our steering group were unconvinced…. my work is cut out for me know to gather evidence for what I take for granted in my world!

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