Forced vaccinations – Rights, Reason & Reality

On Monday 18th, a toddler will be taken to the nurse for his vaccinations.  In this case it is not a normal event.  The mother is having to comply with a court order to catch up on all vaccines by the age of 2 years (11 vaccines in 8 months) on request of the absent father in a custody hearing.

How is it that the main carer can be forced to vaccinate against his or her wishes, when this ‘preventable’ medical intervention comes with high potential risks?

The Law does not walk on solid ground here.

Judges have ordered vaccinations for children when one parent fights for them in this way, usually fathers in custody hearings, but may be doing so emotively.  The non-vaccinating mother is not a pretty social picture and the judge is asked to consider that she is acting irresponsibly by the father’s lawyers.  Often GPs, not always the family GP who may have a considered opinion in the case, suggest that the mother has not adequately ‘protected’ her child or children.  The judge has always acted for the father and current medical advise.

Jayne Donegan GP was called as the family doctor to support a mother who was in this position.  Dr Donegan stated that the mother was not acting irresponsibly and went further to say that she was not putting her child in any mortal danger by not vaccinating.  The judge accused her of peddling Junk Science and promptly reported her to the GMC who bought charges of serious professional misconduct.  The judge also ordered that the child in question be forcibly vaccinated.

Jayne won her case but was asked not to discuss it by her Union and so the verdict is not common knowledge.  Perhaps it should be.  If the courts in our member’s case had been aware of the GMC summing up perhaps they would have taken a different view.

It was later ruled that indeed the rights of the main carer’s over ruled the first judgement, and the child could not be vaccinated against the mother’s will.  For a while it seemed that sense prevailed…. but unfortunately what then happened could not be undone.  2 years later the father, now with custody, took the child to a GP and vaccinated anyway….

Our first mother facing the start of so many catch up vaccines starting on Monday knows all this.  She knows that even if she wins her case under human rights as a main carer, the father’s father,  who is a GP, will just vaccinate her son anyway, if he wins custody, and if she doesn’t comply with the courts at this stage it may affect the custody outcome.

Many hearts go out to her and her son, and trust that he remains as healthy as he is today.  After all, there is no study that shows he will be healthier with all those vaccines and no doctor in the land, including Dr David Eliman, who can guarantee that an adverse reaction will not happen.

Perhaps not as shocking as 131 children vaccinated at gunpoint in, Nsanje, Africa but equally unsettling.

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