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Of the 700,000 new born babies each year 5% of them will not be vaccinated at all (10% in London).  So up to 35,000 sets of parents choose not to vaccinate every year which is a large minority.  Over the past generation a group of up to one million children and young people are not vaccinated.  (More if you include the un vaccinated from the MMR). And because the efficacy of each vaccine is only studied to look at raised antibodies - not population studies - true efficacy is unknown. (Oxford primary schools found that up to 44% persistent coughs were actually Whooping cough, and of these nearly 90% were in fully vaccinated children!)   

“These huge figures raise many questions over the efficacy of the vaccination program.  

If millions are 'un-protected' then where are the high levels of mortality from these diseases?”

And if one considers that 16,000 people per year died from measles around a hundred years ago, and around 100 people died each year just BEFORE the single measles vaccine, to what can we attribute such a fall in mortality?  This is key.  The death rates have continued to fall (of course) in line with the trend - so can we really attribute that fall only to vaccines?

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board-certified pediatrician trained at the New York School of Medicine, and one of the leading physicians in USA, who provides sound, rational, scientific justification as to why you need to seriously reconsider the wisdom of choosing vaccines as an option to prevent against most diseases. See Mercola Article

GPs salaries are paid according to child vaccination rates (90%) and flu jabs and The Department of Health say that herd immunity (approx. 90% depending upon disease) is needed for vaccination programs to be effective.  Although some Drs and Nurses do not vaccinate their children and more and more boosters are needed, as it is realized that vaccine efficacy rates are lower than expected, the climate is still that parents do not really have opportunity to discuss their choices.   And more recently, there have been calls for compulsory vaccination to enter the state school system.  Worryingly, this position means that Drs, scientists, politicians and even complementary health organizations are strongly discouraged from openly discussing or researching wider vaccination issues.

“We also find it worrying that no long term studies have been done which compares the health of the unvaccinated to the vaccinated.”



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