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The Australian Vaccination Network has just had its charitable status revoked

Most countries have organizations and parent networks who have set up in response to vaccine concerns, like our own Arnica, The Informed Parent, the Vaccination Awareness Network and JABS in the UK.  None of us want to say we are anti-vaccine as it is a negative and politically loaded phrase.  We prefer to speak about pro-choice and pro-health.

The AVN message of individual informed health choice conflicts with the government’s policy which is pro-mass vaccination.  And ultimately our message which promotes natural immunity conflicts with our government’s aim of mass vaccination.  I don’t feel that vaccination will be compulsory as in the US, where initial uptake figures of 90-95% is mirrored, and the JCVI has stated several times it thinks that compulsory vaccines will be counter productive.  The effects of social pressure in the UK is as strong as the official regulations in the US.  And of course most folk think that vaccines are safe and effective…

However questioning the vaccine program, even if one’s children have been damaged by them, has earned many parents the terrible anti-social title of “anti-vaccinater”

I wish the AVN all the best

HMV voucher bribe for teenage girls to have cervical jabs:

Fury at ‘promiscuity scheme’ as NHS faces cuts


Officials from NHS Birmingham East and North initiated the pilot program in April, where girls aged 16-18 were given vouchers worth £45 to complete 3 jabs.   I spoke with the trust and the company running the pilot and they told me that if one life was saved the trust would save money!

Here is some background on the HPV vaccine and other ways to reduce your risk of cervical cancer

* The Merck website states ‘efficacy is INFERED by anti body levels’.

No long term studies have been done and even the WHO says of vaccines that

…there is not a precise relationship between seroresponse and protection…”.

* The trials were done on 15 year olds but the vaccine is being given to 12 year olds. Furthermore the control group were given  a “placebo” that contained the same aluminium adjuvant as is in the vaccine, making the results unreliable?

* Dr Diane Harper, who helped develop this vaccine, said on CBS television news
on 7th May 2008 that making the vaccine compulsory was wrong as “the vaccine
has not been out long enough for us to have post-marketing surveillance to
really understand what all the potential side effects are going to be.”

Since June 8th, 2006, when this vaccine was approved for use in the USA,                                  over 8,000 possible side effects have  been reported, including 18 deaths.            

* The death rate from ADRs (Adverse Drug Reactions) is also increasing and is the 5th leading cause of death in Europe at the moment.

* Merck produced the infamous VIOXX, an anti-inflammatory which caused 100,000 + deaths world wide due to stroke. It was later found that Merck with-held information from the original trials. Are they held accountable? A fine and a clean license to continue producing pharmaceuticals.

*** And the best one of all… as stated in this vaccine insert …
“Has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or

IN FACT ALL VACCINES have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic
potential, or potential to impair fertility.

The National Cancer Institute lists these factors which affect risks of cervical cancer,

1. Based on solid evidence, long-term use of oral contraceptives is associated
with increased risk of cervical cancer

2. Based on solid evidence, high parity is associated with increased risk of
cervical cancer. (7 pregnancies or more)

3. Based on solid evidence, cigarette smoking, both active and passive,
increases the risk of cervical cancer.

4. Based on solid evidence, screening via regular gynecologic examinations

5. Based on fair evidence, vaccination against
HPV-16/HPV-18 is effective to avoid HPV infection, and thus cervical cancer.
Efficacy beyond 6 to 8 years is not known(!)

6. Based on solid evidence, the following measures are effective to avoid human
papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and thus cervical cancer:
Abstinence from sexual activity.  (Well use barrier methods)
Therefore, cervical cancer is seen more frequently in women with sexual activity
at an early age and with multiple partners.

and one they missed – Breast fed children have a lower incidence of HPV.

40 deaths linked to child vaccines over seven years

Childhood vaccinations are suspected to have left two children with brain injuries and caused 1,500 other neurological reactions

Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor

The data, disclosed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) following a request by The Sunday Times under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that, since 2003, there have been more than 2,100 serious adverse reactions to childhood vaccines, some of which were life-threatening.”  Considering that many GPs do not consider side effects with vaccines let alone report them, possibly due to lack of training or lack of conscientious surveillance, the true picture of vaccine damage is bound to be way darker.

I never thought I would say this but well done the Sunday Times.  And not so well done to folk like me who need to remember that the Freedom of Information Act should be used otherwise vital information will be hushed …

“The MHRA says the deaths and neurological reactions should be seen in the context of the 90m doses of childhood vaccines which have been given since 2003.”…

I wonder if the parents accept that context!

For example Robert Fletcher below and “Jake Dukes, 18, from Weymouth, Dorset, was left severely brain damaged by the whooping cough vaccine, which he received when he was two months old. He has the mental age of a toddler, is incontinent and uses a wheelchair. He was awarded £91,500 under the government’s vaccine damage payment scheme.”

…As the Sunday Times now charge for viewing their website!

The new White Paper proposes to give 80% of the NHS budget to GPs.

I have several concerns which should be addressed.

1. GPs do not have a good record or reputation for listening to patients
resulting in serious conditions being missed or misdiagnosed. I have dozens of
With the process to complain to the PCT being dismantled, Patient Participation
Groups at each surgery should be a requirement, with good practice guidelines,
and the LINk should be fully supported in feeding back to the GP consortia.

2. If patients are at the heart of the new white paper where does Complimentary
medicine sit in the new proposals?
Patients are keen to try alternatives for acute symptoms, even chronic
conditions. Many are trying them but not with with the support or understanding
of the GP. Many are not able to take advantage of complementary medicine due to
financial constraints.

Studies are poor because of this misunderstanding and dis-interest among GPs and other groups within the NHS and the scientific community.  Surely it is important to try to reduce unnecessary prescriptions and where patients want more choice and information on trying  non chemical interventions first this should be considered!

Will there be any guidelines for GPs about allowing appropriate choice? Can local
registers of Health Practitioners be set up where good or poor practice can be
monitored. Often GPs do not have any contact with the other health providers so
would not know where to start a complementary referral.

3. How will pharmocovigilance be strengthened?
I attended the special hearing in Brussels this January where MEPs were
concerned that ADRs were the 5th leading cause of death in Europe. More drugs
are being given licenses and ADRs on the increase but fewer ADRs are being
reported. Patient reporting should be promoted, an effective system developed
for the reports and current training for GPs to spot ADRs should be


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