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Justice for Jodie Appeal

Justice for Jodie Appeal
What a month! The Light a candle action on the Vaccine Injury Awareness Day June 3rd was very well attended in over 10 countries. New legislation in Italy, that proposes increasing mandatory vaccines to 12, meant that parents took to the streets in over 20 cities totaling 10,000! Poland with its increased legislation organized a march and 10,000 people also took to the streets on June 3rd.
Photos from across Europe, including the UK marching to Parliament, can be seen here. Arnica will be working with the EFVV partners to see what we can do collectively to help

Please be reminded to sign this petition ‘Against Mandatory Vaccines’ if you haven’t already. It currently stands at over 60,000. We are preparing action to present the petition as Europe is entering a new stage for vaccine mandates and the next year will be crucial for us to become proactive.

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The one has full information and references and the Government petition will require a response with 10,000 signatures, so both are important. By signing it gives a message that we are concerned and by sharing you are informing people about this mass school vaccine program with a live GM virus. The Government petition needs signing again as we had to revive the last one. And don’t forget to click on the email link to secure your vote!
We also have a Flu group with information sheets and template letters for schools. Compared to last year more schools are authorising absence for the day of the Fluenz, and sometimes authorisation is given for the whole week to include the peak shedding! Some head teachers have even moved the day to the end of term or are supporting parent information evenings.

As always we have an abundance of new arnica groups and I do hope that your area is among the 100+ with local groups – Please see our full listings
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Dorking , Sheilagh
Godalming,  Catherine,
Lancs, Clitheroe  Biba
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Walton, Surrey, Olivia
Calling all Natural Health practitioners and Community Leaders
Remember the Natural Health Finder? Your local one site for all things natural and ethical in your local community…
To populate the site we are offering FREE LISTINGS for the next year!  (If you have already paid for your listing you will receive an extra year on top.)
And the wonderful Sarah Myhill GP is pioneering new venture in Natural Health to help the chronically ill by bringing together qualified natural health practitioners.  
Please register your interest with office@naturalhealthworldwide
Finally, thank you everyone who kindly donated towards an Arnica computer. Mine packed up in its 9th year for Arnica and I really appreciate your support

Pure and Natural Bathing Salts
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Freephone: 0800 321 3342
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