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Measles alert over Easter trips after outbreaks in Britain and Europe

Families heading abroad for Easter are being urged to have their children vaccinated against measles.

The Health Protection Agency sent warning letters to schools across the UK yesterday after outbreaks in mainland Europe were confirmed to have spread to schools in Surrey and Sussex.

Comment: 2 million children in the UK are totally unvaccinated with the MMR and a further million have not finished the boosters.  That is 25 % of under 16 year olds ‘un protected’ but the last death was in 1996 in an immune compromised boy.

If you are frightened of the disease called Measles have the vaccine of course, as it seems that you are less likely to contract it, but if you are not frightened of the disease then is fear of death from measles really an option?

Experts Recommend Delaying Breastfeeding Until Vaccinations Have Taken Effect

Read Christina England’s coverage of this ‘research’ and the comments beneath on the Vaccine Truth Website

My comments

The health risks of not breast feeding, especially in the developing world, are greater than any perceived risk from a vaccine not working effectively. In the states just 20 children a year die from rota virus. Breast feeding during rota virus reduces mortality by ten times!  Wouldn’t supporting breast feeding be more effective than the rota virus vaccine?

Stopping breast feeding goes against the WHO advise to breast feed exclusively for up to a year and beyond. A lack of breastfeeding can lead to malnutrition in infants and children. Possible reasons for the lack in the developing world may be that the average family thinks bottle feeding is better. The World Health Organization cites malnutrition as the gravest single threat to the world’s public health.

In the developed world especially, formula feeding compromises health due to poor water to mix the formula, amount of formula being reduced in a bottle due to finances, bacteria like salmonella introduced as water needs to be boiled at 70 degrees, etc.

The IGa in the breastmilk coats the porous stomach and seals it, just one bottle of formula strips this coating off leaving the stomach open, closing again would take 2 weeks of exclusive breast feeding. If a women delays breastfeeding by a day even the milk supply would reduce and she would need to cluster feed or pump to increase the supply again.

It takes many weeks for the baby’s gut to close up and to develop the ability to shut out allergenic proteins. If given formula in the early weeks, this closing up is delayed and the risk of allergies and illness increases. The type of bacteria in the gut becomes less protective. In other words, Baby is more at risk for illness.

Just one bottle of formula – given for any reason – can sensitize babies who may be allergic to cow’s milk protein or soy protein. This is especially important to know if you have allergies in your family. Some studies have indicated that giving cow’s milk formulas early may also increase the risk of some children for developing insulin dependent diabetes.……

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