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Gather from 8am to lunch time

Press conference finishes the “Saving Children’s Lives” conference at 1.30pm

Meet outside location


Question put to Bill Gates on the Save the Children Phone in..

“Each year half a million children die from diarrhoea caused by rotavirus, but
over a million die from lack of clean water and sanitation.

Vaccines may have helped reduce child deaths by 30% since 1990 but the WHO found
that mortality has reduced overall by 23% in the developing world just from the
introduction of vit A supplements.

How is the Gates Foundation getting on with your “aim to help reduce death and
disability due to micronutrient deficiencies and to prevent undernutrition in
children age 0 to 24 months in developing countries?”

And what plans will you build in for water and sanitation programs to support
your vaccine program please?

Charges of Editorial Misconduct at American Journal of Bioethics

Hilde Lindemann, former president of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities, has resigned as a member of the editorial board of the American Journal of Bioethics. She wrote:

“While the journal has been hugely successful, there seems to be no oversight or accountability, so it is difficult for board members to know very much about the review process, the acceptance rate, the rate of submission, the journal’s financial footing, who owns (as opposed to publishes) the journal, and other matters having to do with its day-to-day operations. I do not know who sits on the conflict of interest committee even though the Information for Authors page says it is “comprised [sic] of members of the editorial board.” And although the editor-in-chief has said he would disclose the financials of the journal, he has not done so — at least, not to me. The board is never called to meet; we are never consulted as a group in any meaningful fashion. It’s not even clear who chooses the board, or on what basis. So it seems that our good names go toward a journal that we know very little about.

I have been an editor myself for much of my adult life and I know what the pressure of deadlines can do to distort editorial judgment. But I also know that it’s possible to run a journal transparently and responsibly, and I no longer feel confident that AJOB is so run. Until that changes, I cannot lend my name to its masthead.”

HPA warns of considerable risk of contracting measles

…sent to the HPA
Please justify the use of the word
considerable in your statement “there is considerable risk of catching measles if they are not protected”

There are 3 million such children made up of nearly 2 million totally unvaccined and a million without full boosters.  Actually, the confirmed cases of measles is very small at 20 per month in England and Wales (From the HPA site) so I would suggest that the chances of an ‘unprotected’ child contracting measles very small.

2010* 4th 370# 456 123.2% 33 7.2%
2010* 3rd 579# 645 111.4% 132 20.5%
2010* 2nd 736 639 86.8% 68 10.6%
2010* 1st 543 446 82.1% 10 2

Please also provide figures for the “serious consequences” from measles as I can’t seem to find any.  There were just 19 complications in 2007 for mumps but it is impossible to find out the type and serious nature of the complications.  The HPA said they ” are unable to provide this information to you as it falls under deductive disclosure due to a smaller dataset, and we would be in breach of patient confidentiality if this information is disclosed.”.

I understand that the role of the HPA is to reduce the spread of disease, however, this letter implies that if a child is not vaccinated then they are at considerable risk of contracting Measles when the data does not support this.

Many thanks…

….The reply was that they were acting within national policy… well that’s OK then!

With 2 million children under 18 years old totally unvaccinated and a further million children not ‘fully protected’ with just one jab, the several hundred confirmed measles cases each year year is akin to the risk of being struck by lightening.  With 1 in 15 complications with measles reported in the Green Book, I am guessing that again, like mumps complications, the subset will be too small to release data for.  I wonder if the 1 in 15 complications are taken from the UK of the states, which is significant.

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