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Enter the New year

I have several experiences in the last month that I have to share!

I sit on a patient engagement group with a lead GP and members of the PCT who are illuminated with the idea that patients should be respected and listened too, more than just to satisfy authorisation for the new white paper but because it is the right thing to do.  (Not forgetting that the patient’s experience is the third strand of evidence based evidence so their health outcomes should improve also!)

The GP said that he “wanted patient involvement to be meaningful and authentic”

and when we presented it to the Clinical Commissioning Board (a shadow of the PCT) where I am a member, the board showed excitement with the draft report.  Every GP practice is enjoying a visit to support new patient reference groups, and the word patient engagement and HealthWatch is creeping into more and more policy documents.

A GP from my local practice told me that she would prefer not to prescribe antibiotics

“I think that antibiotics are incorrectly credited much of the time” she said, “Often the body would have got better anyway in the time a person takes antibiotics.”

And the second GP on a follow up visit said, “It is so refreshing to meet a parent who does not want Antibiotics!  So often the parent puts pressure on us to prescribe when we know it is not in the child’s best interest.”

For my daughter’s blocked sinus symptom the GP suggested steaming
with Eucalyptus 3 times a day for 3 days.

For my son’s wart the GP said that

“the body would get rid of it by itself and as long as it is not hurting, then best to leave it to nature….

If we wanted to speed up the process we could try banana skins or tape!
The surgery does not recommend any product for children as they can damage more healthy skin.

And in the waiting room the message flashing on the screen reads..


So lets all have a great year of communicating with the health professionals and sharing our learning and respect for nature… be bold like the Chinese Dragon.

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