Why Don’t Some Parents Vaccinate Their Children?

1. Some people are allergic to the ingredients e.g. Gelatin or antibiotics in the MMR.

2. Some are immune compromised e.g. undergoing chemotherapy, no spleen.

3. Some children will catch childhood diseases prior to vaccination, of which some diseases caught naturally will confer life long immunity.
4. Some have had adverse reactions to previous vaccines, or that were thought be to attributed to vaccines e.g. seizures, chronic health problems, and have reconsidered the odds between problems that the vaccine may bring compared to problems that catching a childhood illness may bring.

5. Some have allergies or allergies in their family and think that any the vaccine  may increase the allergy or that the allergy may increase the chance of adverse reactions. Serious allergy in the family used to be considered by the GP as a reason not to vaccinate.

6. Some are pro-lifers, Catholics or other religions, who would not want to inject their babies with aborted human fetal cells (although the Catholic Church has blessed vaccines generally).

7. Some are Vegans or Vegetarians and don’t want to inject their babies with animal products (although the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies class vaccines as medicines and would never advocate not taking medicines, and so don’t publicize ingredients to members).

8. Some are alternative practitioners, homeopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths, for example, and vaccinations go against their beliefs regarding a healthy natural immune system. (Although, many such professional bodies will not promote a non-vaccination route).

9. Some don’t vaccinate their young babies because they think that the immune system is too weak for injection of several live virus, which still include animal dna and animal virus, and the toxins such as aluminium and formaldehyde which have been banned in mattresses. Some may wait until 6 months or older. Some may wait until their child is into adolescence and vaccinate then as problems with childhood diseases can increase with age.

10. Some will never vaccinate because they think that their children will be much healthier without being vaccinated, and indeed several studies are beginning to show that the vaccinated are many more times likely to be asthmatic, suffer more infections and have behavioural and autoimmune conditions.
“Non- Vaccination should be a respected choice of the individual but due to the Herd Immunity misunderstanding and fear, the parent who makes this choice is often made to feel socially irresponsible and negligent towards their children by their peers and many

of the Medical Profession.”



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